Freehold, NJAlthough veterinary neurology is becoming more recognized with each passing year, it can still be difficult to understand and it’s never easy to have your pet go through any kind of surgery. A board certified neurologist with extensive experience in the field can put your concerns to rest by explaining how your pet will be diagnosed and treated for any kind of neurological disorder. At Central Monmouth Animal Hospital in Freehold, NJ, we will review all of your options and provide our expert opinion on the best path to success for your pet.

Neurological disorders and diseases can affect the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system. Epilepsy and neuromuscular disorders can have a significant impact on your pet’s health and should be addressed immediately as they will quickly become even more detrimental without treatment. Advancements in technology have aided neurologists in the localization of subtle lesions resulting in longer, healthier lives for pets. Treatment for cats and dogs is slightly different than treatment for small animals. A specialist in Freehold, NJ may be referred or consulted to address your questions and ensure the best care for your pet.

A complete diagnostic exam will be done to determine how to properly treat a patient with a neurological disorder. The first thing we do at Central Monmouth Animal Hospital is determine if your pet’s symptoms relate to a problem within the nervous system. If the ailments are being caused by their nervous system we will localize and evaluate the extent of the problem. Once this has been determined we will discuss the different treatment options for your pet.

Treatments can be medical or surgical. Conditions that are treated medically, such as epilepsy, require pharmaceuticals and close attention to make sure your pet is responding well and recovering properly. Disorders that require your pet to undergo surgery, such as a herniated disk or brain tumor, will also require medical treatment to assist with their recovery.

Most pets in Georgia enjoy being outdoors and should not be impeded by a muscular disease or condition that limits their motor skills and mobility. If you notice any symptoms that are associated with disorders of the nervous system, do not wait to see the veterinarian. Call (732) 462-1876 today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified veterinarians.